What is the Liaison Project?

We want to make people around the world smile with our health-friendly bread from Okayama Kobo.


What is Liaison Project
What is Liaison Project

brea (former currency of South Korea) Our Bread

You won't get tired of it every day.
Rustic and gentle taste

I go to my usual bakery, buy some freshly baked bread, and
eat it while it's still warm. You think to yourself, "I'll buy some more tomorrow.
As a bakery in town, we want to be a bakery that gently accompanies the lives of our customers in the neighborhood.
We have been researching our recipes for 39 years, aiming to be such a bakery.
The bread of Okayama Kobo is a delicious bread with a simple and gentle taste that you will never get tired of even if you eat it every day.

Eat it and you'll understand
The delicious taste of domestic wheat and additive-free dough

We have continued our attempts to produce safe and secure bread based on our belief that "we cannot put anything that is not good for you in the bread you eat every day.

We do not use any synthetic chemical additives such as yeast food, emulsifiers, or bread improvers
which are common knowledge in the bread industry. We also insist on 100% domestic wheat,
using safe wheat from Hokkaido and the Seto Inland Sea.

serv Our Services

  1. Yourdreamfulfill
    5-day projectServices01

    You can become a baker in just 5 days.
    This innovative project was greeted with amazement in the world of baking, where years of training are
    considered the norm.
    We have taken the experience, intuition, and mastery of bakers and turned them into
    a manual based on scientific theory and numbers, so that
    you can open your own bakery and no longer dream about it.

  2. Not a franchise.
    Support for bakery productionServices02

    You can choose a cute design that fits in with the cityscape,
    a Japanese modern bakery,
    a warm log house-like bakery,
    or any other style you want.
    The store name and business hours are all up to you.
    More than 200 bread recipes will support you in opening your own business.

  3. Bakery Community
    "A network of thriving bakeries in town."Services03

    We have helped more than 300 bakeries to open their doors.
    If they do not adapt to the changing times,
    bakeries in town will go out of business.
    To prevent this from happening, we hold regular study sessions and value the horizontal connections among
    Even after opening, we offer new products and management advice.

The owners we support are all "inexperienced.
It is because they are "inexperienced" that they can make our bread.

We will tell you why at the information session.
First, please join our free online information session.

Achievements of Liaison Project Liaison Project Achievements

Overseas Achievements

Liaison Project's innovation has attracted
attention from around the world and has produced 22 bakeries around the
world, including Southeast Asia, China, the United States, and Canada.
With the growing popularity of Japanese-style bakeries, Liaison Project USA, a
U.S. corporation, was established in 2015.
Our overseas business continues to expand.

Achievements in Japan

41 Pref275 Stores (as of April 2023)

  • Hokkaido
    11 Store
  • Tohoku
    4 Store
  • Chubu
    55 Store
  • Kantou
    80 Store
  • Kinki
    50 Store
  • Chugoku
    38 Store
  • Shikoku
    7 Store
  • Kyushu

    30 Store

*Number of stores currently operating

Our Bakery Stores Our directly managed stores

  • The No. 1 Bakery Store in Okayama Prefecture in terms of sales Freshly Baked Bread Square Liaison

    Liaison means "union, knot" in French.
    It was named after our desire to connect with our customers.
    Liaison was established in Nakasendo in April 2006 and was loved by customers for a year and a half.
    We moved to Tanaka, Okayama City as a "theme park of bread".
    With more than 1,000 customers visiting the store every day, it has grown to become the No. 1 bakery
    store in Okayama in terms of sales and has been featured in many media outlets.

  • Popular store with a long line of customers from morning Okayama Kobo Kunitomi Store

    The store is always crowded with people waiting in line from morning, and the freshly baked items are always available
    and always full of reservations because they are gone quickly.
    We have a wide variety of menu items to satisfy customers of all ages, from the elderly to small children.

  • アメリカで平均日商100万円の店舗 Okayama Kobo Bakery & Cafe Anaheim

    ベーカリーだけでなく、隣接したカフェ(Okayama Kobo Bakery Cafe)は店舗内がつながっており、焼きたてのおいしいパンと、こだわりのコーヒーや紅茶を一緒に楽しんでいただけます。

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